David Lebovitz’s Chocolate Sorbet Recipe

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I have sampled my way around the world with different varieties of chocolate sorbet. Most leave be satisfied but one always leaves me wanting more. I have a love hate relationship with Ciao Bella’s version. I enjoy every sweet, silky spoonful and then I get to the bottom of the pint and with the last bite I know what i’m in for, some serious depression, “If I could have just made it last a week, we could have spent more time together”.  I was alone the first time I tried it. I had just gotten back from the grocery store, sat down at the kitchen counter and dipped my spoon right in. The sorbet was the perfect consistency as I had just travelled 20 mins from the frozen section to get to my beautiful abode. The spoon entered my mouth and it felt as if the the whole world had paused. I NEEDED someone there. It was one of those moments you must share with another human being. I will never forget that night. Its so embedded in my memory I was fueled to create a similar version and it was just my luck that the first recipe I used did just the trick.

Thank you David Lebovitz’s you not only have an awesome last name but you have won a special place in my heart and mind for one of the world best chocolate sorbet varieties.

I’d like to send a special thanks to a great family for helping me (re)create memories with their Cuisinart Ice Cream maker.



Peach Blueberry Coffee Cake Crumble

Sweet Georgia peaches image

Well isn’t that a mouthful to say? This recipe is a hearty coffee cake that will provide you with enough sustenance to propel you through a hilly hike, a long bike ride, or a binge session of Orange is The New Black. Please find your own reason to try this recipe and enjoy a piece or two. It’s scrumptious.

I had six peaches originally, but you’re playing with fire when you have to let your fruit ripen. Some of these little gems were not on the same ripening schedule, mother nature is beautiful, right? Because I was short on some fruit I added some FROZEN blueberries that I thawed, draining the excess fluid. I’ll post the recipe when I leave the gym here. From memory, I’ll add a few thoughts that crossed my mind while making this. So as you’re prepping the cake part you, are splitting the dough in half to create a top and bottom layer. My advice is to do about 3/4’s of the dough on the bottom and the remaining on top of the fruit mixture. Who loves layers?? I DO…after the first layer is down, pour the sweet fruit combo on. At this point I stopped and thought to myself, “this fruit sure is juicy and there certainly is a lot of it, will this turn out mushy?” Wonder aside I pushed on. For the crumble I added oatmeal and more butter then required I wanted a really crisp crumble. I must say, a crisp crumble is one of my favorite things. I threw Ms. Peach blueberry crumble into the oven and went to get ready for work. The recipe calls for (40) mins of bake time, but if my memory serves me right, it felt like I baked it much longer maybe an hour? For me, the tester to see if the cake had cooked through was the knife piercing trick. When there was no batter left on the knife after poking, I pulled her out. It turned out delicious! I brought it to work with a container of vanilla Breyers ice cream. However, I think it would taste better with country style French vanilla. You tell me. My opinion, don’t worry about over baking this piece, there is enough liquid ensure your cake retains it’s moisture.

No Bake Peanut Butter S’mores Bars

S'mores Bars
S’mores Bars

This was less of a “from scratch” dessert and more of an assembly of packaged goods. Did that word just make you cringe? The word packaged has quite the negative undertones these days and rightfully so. I am a huge proponent of moderation and at times, over indulgence. Back to the topic at hand, I’m a very healthy lady, I eat kale, drink kombucha, I do trice weekly circuit training workouts and acknowledge my blessings daily. 80% of my diet comes in its raw-ist earthly state. I feel good eating this way. So it allows me to eat every once in awhile these processed foods, sometimes there is no way around it and I don’t feel bad, not one bit. Look at that marvelous S’mores bar pictured above. How could this make you feel bad? Its a head scratcher for real.

This recipe came from pinterest and its SUPER easy to make and fun:).  I can’t pull up the recipe for everyone right now but it came from the food blogger: thegirlwhoateeverything. I tried two different brands for the graham cracker crust and found Keebler over Honey Maid to have a better taste. Sample both and decide for yourself, no palate is alike. Did I mention this was a fun recipe to put together? For a few reasons. One being the marshmallow fluff. I ate this buy spoonfuls when I was a child, it was a great addition to hot chocolate and a wonderful middle to these s’mores bars. The next best thing, the hard chocolate layer on the top with embedded chopped up pieces of reese’s peanut butter cups. Its a wonderful layered bar, your mouth will love it.

The Bee’s Knees

One of the best gifts a girl could get.
One of the best gifts a girl could get.

So this was quite the surprise… This big beaut was given to me, for us, for our anniversary. He knew I stirred my chocolate chip cookies by hand (its how my grandma did it), he casually mentioned how awesomely functional a cuisinart mixer would be for my baking escapades. My response, “I just don’t know babe, there is something so pure about putting a little elbow grease into the whole process”.

A week later this retro orange power machine showed up. I was hesitant at first for sure. We warmed up to one another and today she is my baking companion. There have only been a few recipes where I haven’t utilized her gifts. I still stand by the elbow grease, its like a bound book vs Ebook there is no comparison. I am able to see the perks to both sides. My new friend lends ease to my baking experience and uniformity, this is important right? I do want all of my ingredients to mix evenly and with my by hand method my stamina eventually would have given way.  Not much else I have to say.

Thank you.

First turnout with a classic treat.

Moist fail proof cookies.
Moist fail proof cookies.

As the post title alludes to… yes, at my ripe age of 29 was my first turnout of a chocolate chip cookie. I have attempted on and off since I was a young one to share this classic treat with my family and friends but unfortunately time and time again they never turned out. I KID YOU NOT!!! After each perceived fail the idea of baking them became more and more frightening. I soon gave up my dream of ever being able to make such a “simple” cookie.

I got back in the ring after I sampled a few too many of my coworkers sharing. While heading to the grocery store to collect my items I continually affirmed to myself, “today is a new day, today is a new day”.  At home I prepped my station put some music on in the background and I was feeling OH. SO. GOOD. I mixed the flour, salt, baking soda and instant vanilla pudding mix, things were looking great. Creaming the butter, sugar and vanilla I knew I was on my way. Combing the chips and rolling them into little golfball size balls was the climax of this adventure. I sat on my couch while these babies were baking away. I was so confident that I was in route to success that I prematurely messaged my boyfriend some of my documented images. I never want to give someone false hope and what a bummer it would be to tease someone like that? “hey babe look at these delicious cookies I am making!” then having them not turn out :(. Him knowing he would be getting a few chewy chocolate chip cookies at the end of his work day probably was one of the best pieces of news he acquired that day.

Oh they are so beautiful. I of course sampled my whole way through the recipe. The raw dough (I know naughty right?) was delicious. The, I can’t wait for them to finish baking dough was fantastic. The, I need to cool dough was divine and in the end, the room temperature dough with a glass of almond milk was by far the best of the whole batch. I had successfully made my first batch of chocolate chip cookies.

The recipe I followed was from another baker http://www.averiecooks.com/2014/02/the-best-soft-and-chewy-chocolate-chip-cookies.html. Hope you have just as much fun as I did!

This little confidence boost was the trigger to uncover my deeply buried love for baking.

Hello world!

I’ve always been one to prefer dessert over dinner. Looking back my grand mother had a huge influence on this preference of mine.  Nothing could get me out of bed faster than smelling the sweet notes of my grandma’s baked bread. After school I would help her make her infamous dark chocolate fudge. I was excited to spread that fist pat butter across the freshly warm slice of bread and more excited to feel the granulated sugar on my tongue while licking the remnants of fudge off a wooden spoon. The whole experience was a form of art to me I could not quite grasp at a young age. I am older now and much more experienced in the ways of life. Food, desserts especially have a way of warming the saddest of hearts. Its a uniform prescription for the young and old. I am creating this blog to personally document my sweet treats. The time it takes, the beautiful outcome, the people I touch and the tastes will all be captured with a few images and descriptive notes. Whoever reads this please share with me your favorite treat and the memories associated with it :).