About Me


Some people like to talk about themselves and some do not, I tend to fall into the latter category. Maybe I will change, I think I am changing now…. I am talking about myself now aren’t I?

So…. I like to bake, I LOVE to please my family and friends. There is nothing more gratifying for me then to see a loved one of mine take a bite of something I made. This baking thing is a win win situation. I have been practice the “I AM” affirmations daily. If you don’t know what I am talking about look it up and say some for yourself daily, it really makes you feel good. So to further that I will articulate things I know I am on here.  I am a nurse and  am baking these fat laden foods so you can end up in one of the hospital beds to keep me gainfully employed. Jokes :). I am an artist, in many ways… life is beautiful and it’s how I choose to view it and also how I choose to present it either through food, drawings, or my affections. I am athletic, not always as lean as I want to be but I do love to work my bod out daily if I can. I am a daughter. I am a sister and 1 of 3, yes I am a triplet. They are pretty awesome each one has so many talents and traits I value. I am forever grateful to have two permanent beings in my life. I am a friend to many and I AM A BAKER.


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