Cappuccino Biscotti’s

Cappuccino Biscotti's
IMG_1609IMG_1617 Cappuccino Biscotti’s

I just returned from Italy and had a strong itch to make something my family and I enjoyed daily with our coffee in the sweet little villa we rented outside the city of Lucca. 5 Beautiful days I was there. My parents are still there with a family friend Vicki, whom actually organized the rental property and kindly extended the invitation to our family members. Mike and Sonja were the same amount of day’s I had been and Karen arrived a few day’s before us.

The flight coming back from Amsterdam was about 9hrs long. I had ample time to think and think and think. My mind has been running lately about work and family and baking. Italy was very relaxing for me, we had beautiful weather and food. Pasta, bread, gelato, wine, and biscotti’s.

I didn’t put any walnuts in and I used baileys instead of brewed coffee for the flavoring.