Four Way Truffles

Vegan Truffles
Vegan Truffles

So my Aunts grand babies are coming into town to stay with my parents. Gerri (my Aunt) passed away this year of pancreatic cancer. She was a strong woman full of life. She exuded this radiant energy that I longed to imitate. She was the life of the party and a dear friend, only did I realize how big her circle of friends were until her last few weeks of life. A selfless woman she was, always putting her loved ones first, especially her family. She absolutely loved her grand babies and as her days grew nearer she was worried how they would carry on without her. My mom made a promise to her to look after them as best as she could living in a different state and to make sure that their ties were always connected. Conner and Emma are coming up for their first visit since their grandma has past away. Its a special visit for many reasons. I’m looking forward to spending some time with them, see how they are getting along and only if I sense they are comfortable or if they mention Gerri will we reminisce about that golden beaut. These kids have SO.MANY.ALLERGIES!!!! Omg its terrifying. I am not sure the degree of intensity their reactions and I am not so eager to find out. So I wanted to welcome the two kiddos with some sweet treats I made them with some simple ingredients and vegan/paleo friendly. NO NUTS. NO DAIRY. NO EGGS.

I used a recipe from Martha Stewart :). For the chocolate I used the vegan brand: Enjoy Life. So using a makeshift double boiler I melted the chocolate chips, coconut oil and water, stirring constantly until¬†everything was a shinny smooth ganache. Then I added the pinch of salt and vanilla, stirred a few more rounds and placed her in the fridge to harden. One hour later I used a tablespoon to scoop out the chocolate and formed the balls between my hands to make a perfect circle. Once formed I rolled them in my desired toppings. I actually didn’t try the end result because I had so much of it while I was tossing it together. They look beautiful I will have to ask the kids when they get here.


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