Sunny Lemon Bars

When your mom gives you lemons make lemon bars            image

When your mother gives you lemons make lemon bars? It was a beautiful lazy sunny morning and I was visiting my parents house. My mother would disagree with me on this one but they have an amazing kitchen. Its spacious and ergonomically designed to entertain while cooking or baking. We have spent many mornings sipping OJ and sharing bites of french toast and many nights sipping our last drops of wine. I’m at an age where I shouldn’t be using my parents of anything anymore but I do, I use them for their kitchen and every once in awhile their shower (you would have to experience it and my shower too for that matter).

Lemon bars are one of my fathers favorite summer treats, unfortunately he was out of town when I baked these sweet tartlings. I froze a few for him and per him “tasted wonderful” when he eventually bit into one. I too sampled a frozen version and I myself preferred this style. Both the lemon butter layer and shortbread layer had firmed just enough to given your brain more time to process what it was you were biting into. SENSATIONAL.

These bars are very easy to make. I opted out for the lemon extract but did add an additional squeeze of fresh lemon. This recipe came from:

Hope you enjoy!


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