David Lebovitz’s Chocolate Sorbet Recipe

IMG_0447 IMG_0434 IMG_0435

I have sampled my way around the world with different varieties of chocolate sorbet. Most leave be satisfied but one always leaves me wanting more. I have a love hate relationship with Ciao Bella’s version. I enjoy every sweet, silky spoonful and then I get to the bottom of the pint and with the last bite I know what i’m in for, some serious depression, “If I could have just made it last a week, we could have spent more time together”.  I was alone the first time I tried it. I had just gotten back from the grocery store, sat down at the kitchen counter and dipped my spoon right in. The sorbet was the perfect consistency as I had just travelled 20 mins from the frozen section to get to my beautiful abode. The spoon entered my mouth and it felt as if the the whole world had paused. I NEEDED someone there. It was one of those moments you must share with another human being. I will never forget that night. Its so embedded in my memory I was fueled to create a similar version and it was just my luck that the first recipe I used did just the trick.

Thank you David Lebovitz’s you not only have an awesome last name but you have won a special place in my heart and mind for one of the world best chocolate sorbet varieties.

I’d like to send a special thanks to a great family for helping me (re)create memories with their Cuisinart Ice Cream maker.



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