The Bee’s Knees

One of the best gifts a girl could get.
One of the best gifts a girl could get.

So this was quite the surprise… This big beaut was given to me, for us, for our anniversary. He knew I stirred my chocolate chip cookies by hand (its how my grandma did it), he casually mentioned how awesomely functional a cuisinart mixer would be for my baking escapades. My response, “I just don’t know babe, there is something so pure about putting a little elbow grease into the whole process”.

A week later this retro orange power machine showed up. I was hesitant at first for sure. We warmed up to one another and today she is my baking companion. There have only been a few recipes where I haven’t utilized her gifts. I still stand by the elbow grease, its like a bound book vs Ebook there is no comparison. I am able to see the perks to both sides. My new friend lends ease to my baking experience and uniformity, this is important right? I do want all of my ingredients to mix evenly and with my by hand method my stamina eventually would have given way.  Not much else I have to say.

Thank you.


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