Peach Blueberry Coffee Cake Crumble

Sweet Georgia peaches image

Well isn’t that a mouthful to say? This recipe is a hearty coffee cake that will provide you with enough sustenance to propel you through a hilly hike, a long bike ride, or a binge session of Orange is The New Black. Please find your own reason to try this recipe and enjoy a piece or two. It’s scrumptious.

I had six peaches originally, but you’re playing with fire when you have to let your fruit ripen. Some of these little gems were not on the same ripening schedule, mother nature is beautiful, right? Because I was short on some fruit I added some FROZEN blueberries that I thawed, draining the excess fluid. I’ll post the recipe when I leave the gym here. From memory, I’ll add a few thoughts that crossed my mind while making this. So as you’re prepping the cake part you, are splitting the dough in half to create a top and bottom layer. My advice is to do about 3/4’s of the dough on the bottom and the remaining on top of the fruit mixture. Who loves layers?? I DO…after the first layer is down, pour the sweet fruit combo on. At this point I stopped and thought to myself, “this fruit sure is juicy and there certainly is a lot of it, will this turn out mushy?” Wonder aside I pushed on. For the crumble I added oatmeal and more butter then required I wanted a really crisp crumble. I must say, a crisp crumble is one of my favorite things. I threw Ms. Peach blueberry crumble into the oven and went to get ready for work. The recipe calls for (40) mins of bake time, but if my memory serves me right, it felt like I baked it much longer maybe an hour? For me, the tester to see if the cake had cooked through was the knife piercing trick. When there was no batter left on the knife after poking, I pulled her out. It turned out delicious! I brought it to work with a container of vanilla Breyers ice cream. However, I think it would taste better with country style French vanilla. You tell me. My opinion, don’t worry about over baking this piece, there is enough liquid ensure your cake retains it’s moisture.


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