Hello world!

I’ve always been one to prefer dessert over dinner. Looking back my grand mother had a huge influence on this preference of mine.  Nothing could get me out of bed faster than smelling the sweet notes of my grandma’s baked bread. After school I would help her make her infamous dark chocolate fudge. I was excited to spread that fist pat butter across the freshly warm slice of bread and more excited to feel the granulated sugar on my tongue while licking the remnants of fudge off a wooden spoon. The whole experience was a form of art to me I could not quite grasp at a young age. I am older now and much more experienced in the ways of life. Food, desserts especially have a way of warming the saddest of hearts. Its a uniform prescription for the young and old. I am creating this blog to personally document my sweet treats. The time it takes, the beautiful outcome, the people I touch and the tastes will all be captured with a few images and descriptive notes. Whoever reads this please share with me your favorite treat and the memories associated with it :).


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