First turnout with a classic treat.

Moist fail proof cookies.
Moist fail proof cookies.

As the post title alludes to… yes, at my ripe age of 29 was my first turnout of a chocolate chip cookie. I have attempted on and off since I was a young one to share this classic treat with my family and friends but unfortunately time and time again they never turned out. I KID YOU NOT!!! After each perceived fail the idea of baking them became more and more frightening. I soon gave up my dream of ever being able to make such a “simple” cookie.

I got back in the ring after I sampled a few too many of my coworkers sharing. While heading to the grocery store to collect my items I continually affirmed to myself, “today is a new day, today is a new day”.  At home I prepped my station put some music on in the background and I was feeling OH. SO. GOOD. I mixed the flour, salt, baking soda and instant vanilla pudding mix, things were looking great. Creaming the butter, sugar and vanilla I knew I was on my way. Combing the chips and rolling them into little golfball size balls was the climax of this adventure. I sat on my couch while these babies were baking away. I was so confident that I was in route to success that I prematurely messaged my boyfriend some of my documented images. I never want to give someone false hope and what a bummer it would be to tease someone like that? “hey babe look at these delicious cookies I am making!” then having them not turn out :(. Him knowing he would be getting a few chewy chocolate chip cookies at the end of his work day probably was one of the best pieces of news he acquired that day.

Oh they are so beautiful. I of course sampled my whole way through the recipe. The raw dough (I know naughty right?) was delicious. The, I can’t wait for them to finish baking dough was fantastic. The, I need to cool dough was divine and in the end, the room temperature dough with a glass of almond milk was by far the best of the whole batch. I had successfully made my first batch of chocolate chip cookies.

The recipe I followed was from another baker Hope you have just as much fun as I did!

This little confidence boost was the trigger to uncover my deeply buried love for baking.


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